EEA Experts identification

Each member of the European Experts Alliance will present you a Professional card (see opposite) with the date of the current year.

Aims of EEA

    EEA aims to bring together experts around all kind of subjects, without ostracism, to provide help and support to anybody who will ask for.

.   Its members are at the disposal  of any French or European administration which would need  their assistance.

.   Articles submitted to the Paris Préfecture (Official Gazette January 9th 1989)

Presentation of the activities

.   EEA was establishedin1988 as a result of the development of Europeans institutions and the EEC enlargement.

It brings together experts in a very wide range of subjects, such as :

.   Arts (all categories)

.   Antiques

.   Collector’s objects

.   All activities related to these sectors.

The activity of EEA members is to realize test and expertises  with respect of the privacy and confidence practised in our profession.

.   Expertise and assistance to Auction companies

.   Judicial and Customs expertises

.   Expertise and assistance to Insurance companies

.   Expertise for partitions and successions

.   Expertise on private request