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The Company Purchase-gold-and-silver is born from the association of Godot et Fils, a French expert trading precious metals, and since 1933, the Company BLT Paris.
Home Godot & Son, located in Paris, close to the Stock Exchange, is one of the oldest brands in France, dealing with gold products, coins, bars and ingots, but also produced in silver and other precious metals.
It is the first company to have founded numismatics.
To further establish its reputation, the parent company has added a brand, a sort of branch specializing in Internet orders, which is called:
Our company therefore aims to continue the work of Godot & Son, through his skill and experience.
We respect the privacy protection of customer data and apply strict ethical rules relating to the exercise of our profession, in accordance with the laws.
We continue any behavior that is contrary to the proper functioning of our Company, including shares of money laundering and other dishonest attempts.
Brief history of the house and Son Godot

Home Godot & Son was established in 1933 as a bank called “Bank André Godovannikoff”, specializing in foreign exchange and precious metals.
Then, because of the Second World War, this activity stopped in 1939.
It was in 1948, it resumed its trade freely, under the name of Changes and Precious Metals SA, Godot and Son.
Until 1980, the store Godot and Son was one of three high street shops, Rue Vivienne.
Finally, anecdote, traders were active in the House to trade and transactions made around the basket during the auction, the Exchange, until his ouster in 1987, following the modernization of the Exchange.

Legal Information

Registered office: 26 Rue Vivienne 75002 PARIS
SIRET 53235035200011
Legal form: Corporation simplified capital 1,001,000.00 EURO
Activity Code: 4791B – Distance selling specialized catalog Registration 16-05-2011
Nationality: France

Leader (s)

CEO Mr. Jeremiah Fhal